Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant 2022-2023


Singing in Unison, Part 2, The Scully Tomasko Foundation, New York, June-

September 2022

Curated by Phong Bui and Cal McKeever

Singing in Unison, Part 3, Below Grand, New York, June 2022

Curated by Phong Bui, and Cal McKeever


Singing in Unison, New York,

Tussle Magazine, New York, July 2022

Marcin Muchalski/David Rhodes, Letter From New York, Jason McCoy Gallery, New York,

The Brooklyn Rail, New York, July 2020

Artists Quarantine With Their Art Collections,

Hyperallergic, New York, May 2020


The Brooklyn Rail, Ernst Caramella, actual size, Peter Freeman Inc, New York May 2023

The Brooklyn Rail, Pierre Bonnard, The Experience of Seeing, Aquavella Galleries, New York, May 2023

Karma, Peter Bradley, book essays by Bob Nickas,

Lauren O'Neill Butler, and David Rhodes, New York, July 2022

Michael Werner, Per Kirkeby: Overpaintings, catalog essays by

Per Kirkeby and David Rhodes, New York, November 2021